15 Dec 2012


Luca&Luca is an established luxury short-term rental company focused on generating maximum revenue for property owners while providing clients with the highest level of quality accommodations.  Based in Los Angeles, Luca&Luca is a “one stop shop” for discerning clients looking to book vacation stays, events, weddings and productions at luxury properties.  Our expertise in the luxury hospitality industry has allowed us to accommodate the requests of well-known brands and celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Samsung, The Discovery Channel, One Direction, Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy, and more.


Luca Zambello-CEO

Luca Zambello, born in Mantova (the Italian Capital of Culture), is a talented and established entertainment industry professional known for his leadership and project performance. Mr. Zambello combines his skills in technology, entrepreneurship and finance to deliver a powerhouse of expertise to his business endeavors.

He has established his name in the competitive Los Angeles entertainment industry with a top-performing, high-quality concierge company that delivers and surpasses longstanding peers. Luca&Luca transformed from a notable promotions company to a high-end provider of luxury home real estate. Previously, Mr. Zambello was the CEO and co-founder of a hard-hitting event planning company in Italy. Mr. Zambello received his marketing degree from UCLA.