Our full service approach allows a homeowner to treat their property as if it had a long term tenant, the only difference is they will be making more money and still have access to their property whenever they need it. At Luca & Luca, we give homeowners with an income property a solution that maximizes the return from their property, while providing them with a service that gives them peace of mind that their property will be cared for. Thanks to a combination of product quality and technology, Luca&Luca completely meets these requirements by far exceeding market standards.


The marketing skills and technology possessed by Luca&Luca allows us to increase homeowner earnings from 30% to 80%, compared to traditional markets. Luca&Luca also maintains high standards in guest selection during the booking process, to ensure guests have a small footprint on the property, keeping the homeowners assets well protected.


Our homeowner customers are individuals who have an income property or are interested in making their own home available for rental. Our target homeowner is someone who is motivated to see the highest return possible from their property, and would like to have as little involvement as they can in the process.

Our homeowners are just as important to us as our guests, without you, all of this would not be possible.  We treat your property with the utmost respect, fantastic upkeep, as well as having us be available to you whenever you need if you have concerns or questions about your property.  Our unique data driven approach to pricing allows us to maximize the return for the homeowners, so you can make the most money from your property