The Mansion in Beverly Hills
Starting from $15000

The Mansion in Beverly Hills is a stunning 2-acre property featuring a gorgeous landscape. This luxurious home sits atop one of the highest hills in Beverly Hills where its heated pool sparkles in the sunshine next to the mansion’s extravagant gazebo. Picture what 12 bedrooms and a lavish guesthouse can do for your event of up to 1000 guests. The state of the art gym is ideal for guests who want to stay active during their stay. This luxurious castle is perfect for events, as it features an everlasting outdoor area. The grand ballroom adds an unforgettable feel to any celebration. Looking to tie the knot in LA? The modern day Gatsby would definitely think of The Mansion as his first choice for an extravagant setting and a night filled with wonders. The elegantly lit hallways lead you to new discoveries with every turn and every door unlocks a different story like the tale of the saloon, marvelous library and the classy billiards room. Take a deep breath as you continue your journey through The Mansion and make your way outside to the full sized tennis court, a pool accompanied by beautifully sculpted Dolphins and a first-kiss-perfect bridge standing over still waters. If you’re looking for an extravagant Los Angeles house rental for your next production, vacation or event then The Mansion in Beverly Hills is the perfect location.

Visiting Los Angeles for awards season? The Mansion will delivery that LA luxurious lifestyle you seek. The Mansion does not leave out production out of the picture as it brings photographs and video shoots to life. Rest assured that every scene will be picture perfect when shooting your next music video or movie scene in Los Angeles. The superb dual staircase that leads upstairs is a favorite of artists looking to capture the lavish lifestyle. Walking up the pearlescent staircase creates elegant and wealthy vibes within anyone on their way to the top. The Mansion has had the pleasure of hosting celebrities, entertainers, weddings and corporate events in Los Angeles. All guests will experience the welcome to LA package as the hospitality team stays close by at all times to care for your every need. The Mansion is the key to success so look no further and welcome home.


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The Mansion in Beverly Hills Properties:
  • Bedrooms 12
  • Bathrooms 12
  • Max Occupancy 30
  • Event Capacity 1000
  • Pool Yes
  • View Yes
  • Gated Yes

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