How to Rent the Playboy Mansion
6 Jun 2014

How to rent the Playboy Mansion for your next event  

You’ve heard about them.  You’ve probably dreamed about them.

houseEvery year, some of the most exclusive and extravagant parties are held at the Playboy mansion in Beverly Hills.  Guests experience an ambiance from another time; acclaimed artists and performers, open bars, A-list celebrities and playboy bunnies everywhere.  Only those privy enough are granted permission behind the gates in Holmby Hills to witness the live Playboy experience themselves.

Good luck sneaking in, the security of the home and all-of the bouncers are top-notch.  So why not throw your own party?

Hugh Heffner isn’t the only one with access to the renowned Charing Cross Estate.  That’s right; you too can make all of your Playboy dreams come true. Living in Los Angeles is all about knowing the right people.  Having connections is the crucial factor to make your dreams a reality.

originalImpress your co-workers, friends, and family with the 22,000 sq. ft. home.  Expose them to the “Gothic-Tudor” ambiance that can be transformed into any theme imaginable.  With the only pyrotechnics license in the county, you can set off fireworks to celebrate a company milestone.  And everyone gets a chance to party with a tiger at the private zoo.

Luca&Luca has the connections to access these unlisted homes.  This is what sets us apart from all other rental agencies.  We can assist you in reserving the most sought-out and exclusive homes in the county.  So, to take a dip in the grotto, surround yourself with playboy bunnies, or party like Weezer on the front lawn, contact Luca&Luca today.

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