15 Dec 2012

Short Term Vacation:

Los Angeles offers many fantastic accommodations, but when you need the ultimate paragon of finery, look to us at Luca & Luca. We know what a selective clientele wants when it comes to luxury vacation house rentals in Los Angeles. In addition to the opulence this group expects, we provide the complete discretion this group demands. Indeed, you will not find any of the homes for rent through Luca & Luca on this, or any other, website.  Our short term vacation rentals vary in size and location, within the Los Angeles area, to fit your specific needs for your stay in Los Angeles.


Film Locations:

As ideal as the Los Angeles area is for shooting films and music videos, without help from the experts at Luca & Luca, finding the perfect setting can be challenging. The best properties for rent in the city are so exclusive that they’re not listed anywhere. Their owners are the private clients of Luca & Luca. If you’re interested in a luxury location that will take your film or video to the next level, simply contact Luca & Luca.

The influence of Hollywood’s movie industry can be felt all over Los Angeles. Nowhere is that influence more apparent than in the diverse architectural styles of the city’s finest luxury homes. You won’t find another city in the world that offers so many options when it comes to luxury home film locations. From the classic Spanish Colonial style to fanciful storybook styles and authentic historical representations, a luxury rental from Luca & Luca is a film-maker’s dream come true.

If you’re searching for a mansion to shoot a film, tv show, or music video, Luca & Luca can help. The exclusive neighborhoods of Los Angeles are full of hidden treasures that can provide the perfect backdrop for your film or video production. Luxury SoCal film locations include homes with sweeping drives, lush landscaping and rich, sumptuous interiors. Sunny California is known the world over for its abundance of swimming pools, and the luxury homes of L.A.’s exclusive neighborhoods have some of the most distinctive pools in the world.



To rent the perfect wedding or reception venue in Los Angeles, you’ll need assistance from the experts at Luca & Luca. The best luxury homes available for rent won’t be publicly listed. Luca & Luca is privy to some of the most exclusive properties in the finest neighborhoods of the Greater Los Angeles area. Simply describe your ideas for the ideal location, and Luca & Luca will tap into a private database to find appropriate venues for you. Your guests will enjoy the ultimate in luxury and comfort, and you’ll treasure memories of the idyllic venue for a lifetime.

When it comes to memorable home and garden wedding venues, Luca & Luca can give you access to some of the best luxury home rentals in Los Angeles. Whether it’s a seaside home overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean or a mansion designed in a unique historical architectural design, Los Angeles wedding reception venues offer you the ideal setting for your dream wedding.

Among the unique wedding venues Los Angeles available for rent are luxury homes for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Imagine reciting your vows to each under a bower of roses in an English garden or in the grand ballroom of an elegant mansion. From a chic, modern home that offers views of the city to a romantic tropical garden, whatever setting that you can dream up for your wedding, Luca & Luca can help you rent a luxury property that can fulfill your wedding fantasy. –

Luxury locations in Southern California can provide the perfect backdrop for rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions as well. Many of the expansive estates available for rent through Luca & Luca were designed with entertaining in mind. Equipped with large kitchens, wine cellars and private screening rooms, everything you need for a memorable wedding party will be right at hand. Whether you want a luxury home with a sparkling swimming pool or a mansion large enough to accommodate all your guests in style and comfort, your family and friends will feel pampered and cherished.


Photo Shoots:

From the scenic shores of the Pacific Ocean to the hidden canyons of the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles has long been a favorite destination for photographers and cinematographers. Photoshoot locations in Los Angeles are plentiful but finding a site that offers a fresh and fashionable perspective can be challenging. Luxury house rentals from Luca & Luca offer a solution, providing an exclusive property that offers all of the cachet of a grand Hollywood production with complete privacy.

Because the Greater Los Angeles area is a popular destination for tourists as well as film buffs, scouting locations for fashion shows in Los Angeles can be more difficult than the show’s production. Renting a luxury home takes the hassle out of searching for an ideal location. Whether it’s a sprawling mansion in Beverly Hills or a chic modern home on the beaches of Malibu, luxury home rentals offer unique and stylish options for both interior and exterior film and photoshoot productions.

Renting a luxury property also provides producers with access to the property’s amenities as well. From kitchen and bath facilities to spas and swimming pools, home conveniences can make any film, photoshoot or fashion show production run smoother. Producers can relax and focus on the show’s content rather than stressing over the production’s details. When it comes to the finding a striking setting, nothing matches the options available in LA’s luxury homes for exceptional comfort and style.

Naturally, the best properties are so exclusive that they aren’t publicly listed. Photographers and producers interested in a distinctive property to rent may contact Luca & Luca with their needs and appropriate venues from a private database will be selected for their consideration. No matter how large or extensive the production, Luca & Luca has access to properties that will add a distinctive atmosphere as well as a striking backdrop for fashion shows and photoshoots.


Private Parties:

For truly unique private party venues, it’s hard to match L.A.’s luxury home rentals for comfort and style. From perfectly maintained homes dating back to Hollywood’s glamorous golden era to modern wonders encased in glass and steel, Luca & Luca has exclusive access to the most fashionable luxury rentals in Los Angeles. The Southland’s diverse architectural styles give you the opportunity to enjoy private event venues that can transport your guests to any country in the world. Whether it’s an estate with the look of an ancient English Manor or a luxury seaside home with Mediterranean flair, with Luca & Luca’s help, your options are only limited by your imagination.

Whether you’re searching for a party location in Los Angeles to commemorate a family milestone or to celebrate a business-related event, the right venue can transform an ordinary party into a grand affair. Instead of considering the usual ho-hum locations, Luca & Luca invites you to think out of the box when it comes to venues in Los Angeles for parties. A luxury house or property rental can be the ideal party venue Los Angeles, providing a distinctive setting that will turn any private party into a memorable event.

The best luxury home private party venues aren’t publicly listed. Their owners are the private clients of Luca & Luca. If you’re interested in a location for your private party that offers a truly unique experience, simply contact us with your specific venue needs and wishes. The experts at Luca & Luca will personally select appropriate venues from a private database for your consideration.


Corporate Events:

An ideal location for corporate events and meetings, sunny Southern California has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that can turn an ordinary event into something extraordinary. Whether it’s a location perched in the Hollywood Hills overlooking the bright lights of the Los Angeles skyline or a secluded spot located in the exclusive Beverly Hills enclave, the right destination helps ensure that the event is a success. Luca & Luca gives event planners access to ideal locations that help eliminate the time and cost spent planning meetings and corporate events in Los Angeles.


Luxury House Rental Solutions:

While not advertised publicly, a number of luxury properties are available for rental as Los Angeles meeting venues and event locations. Renting a luxury LA area home takes the headache out of planning corporate events, providing a location that not only provides the perfect backdrop for the affair but that comes equipped with the finest amenities as well. These well-appointed homes can take a corporate meeting or event to a new level of luxury, sophistication and style.

The experts at Luca & Luca are an event planner’s best resource when it comes to finding a distinctive location for meetings and corporate events in Los Angeles. The most exclusive luxury house rentals aren’t listed on any public listing. Interested parties who contact Luca & Luca can simply describe their event-planning goals and needs and the pros at Luca & Luca will select appropriate venues from a private database to offer for their consideration.