Special events rental
20 Sep 2013

We pride ourselves in always striving for excellence here at Luca&Luca, and nothing says that more than our ability to provide a wide range of luxurious property rentals for all ranges of events. Whether it’s a brand launch event or private birthday party, our team is well versed in selecting only the best location options to fit any elegant gathering. We are pleased to be able to be your go-to mansion rental experts who can assist in tying together the perfect event.

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Our confidence in event location services stems not only from years of experience in the entertainment industry, but primarily from the impressive roster of clients we’ve worked with on mansion rentals for events. To name a few, Discovery Channel, Scotch & Soda, Urbana 360, House of Kooser, famed revival bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire, CBS, ASmallWorld (and more), have entrusted us in securing the best mansion rental for their special functions.

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Let us guide and assist you with your next event location search. We are sure that our expertise partnered with luxurious property options will certainly tie together the perfect event.