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1 Jul 2014

Itching for an offshore getaway? Sail off into the open sea with Leight Star, a 143-foot yacht designed with elegant extravagance in mind. This contemporary yet sophisticated vessel features four levels of capacious deck space, smart luxury interiors and a professional crew to provide a memorable trip on this mansion afloat.ls_featured_05

Leight Star is the largest yacht for rent on the West Coast. The premier charter yacht has five bedrooms that consist of one beautifully-appointed master and four distinguished guest suites. The completely custom interior was built from rare tropical woods like ebony, cocobolo, makore, cherry, and mahogany. Semiprecious crystal, marble and granite decorate the showers and countertops for a strong finish.

Guests can enjoy the large sun deck or the observation tower after an early morning in the gym and steam room. They can relax in the oversized Jacuzzi after a satisfying meal in the grand dining room. An 18-foot tender makes offshore excursions stress-free, and the helicopter deck makes transportation simple (it can accommodate up to an Agusta A109S).

ls_interior_14Leight Star appoints a trusted and reliable crew to ensure the safest and most secure experience possible. Its captain has managed the vessel for four years, and the crew’s time on the yacht ranges from one to four years. Leight Star’s home port is located in the beautiful Marina del Rey, Calif.

Here at Luca&Luca, we can provide you with the most luxurious recommendations both on and off shore. Contact us for more information on your next yacht rental and how to enjoy this luxurious offshore retreat.

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